Suzy Amis Cameron

A noted environmental advocate, founder and mother of five, Suzy Amis Cameron is committed to the principles of sustainability in all aspects of our lives, with an emphasis on plant-based solutions to address climate change. She is the author of OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet (Simon & Schuster/Atria) and the founder of the OMD Movement, a multi-pronged effort to transform eating habits and the food system. She is also a Founder of Plant Power Task Force, focused on showing the impact of animal agriculture on climate change and the environment, founded in 2012 with her husband James Cameron and Craig McCaw. In 2005, she founded MUSE School CA, with her sister, Rebecca Amis. MUSE is the first school in the country to be 100% solar powered, zero waste, and with a 100% organic, plant-based lunch program.  Based on the engaging and relevant MUSE values and curriculum, they aim to franchise the model worldwide through MUSE Global.  Additionally, Suzy is a founder of the plant-based initiatives, Verdient Foods, Cameron Family Farms, and Food Forest Organics, with her husband. In 2009, she launched Red Carpet Green Dress, showcasing socially and environmentally responsible fashions. Suzy has produced documentaries such as Game Changers which is about plant-based athletes and serves on several nonprofit boards. As an actor she was featured in more than 25 films, including The Usual Suspects and Titanic.

Rebecca Amis

Rebecca Amis, the Chief Innovation Officer of MUSE Global, LLC, incites discovery, inspires change, and facilitates cross-pollination of bold ideas. As Co-founder of MUSE School CA in 2006, she articulated the core values of this educational platform. As President and Advisory Board Chair of MUSE for more than a decade, she has continually overseen the growth and development of the organization that is now comprised of more than 200 students and 50 faculty/staff. She brings important skills and insights into student-centered curriculum, psychology, parent-child relations, socio-emotional development, and process communication. As a master trainer in the Process Communication Model (PCM), she instills this approach at MUSE with the faculty, students and families to bring forth a more conscious level for listening and sharing. Many leaders in education have noted that MUSE students exhibit extraordinary self-efficacy during their culmination process. Rebecca is currently originating the MUSE Global Model to make it accessible to communities both domestically and internationally.

A former college instructor in the behavioral sciences and liberal studies, she has worked in a variety of federally and privately-funded child and family programs including being the founder a Reggio-inspired school in the Midwest. Rebecca inspires all who know her to follow their true passion, and she is listening to her muses as she is writing her first novel. Rebecca’s education includes a BA in Psychology from Bard College and an MS in Child and Family Studies from the University of Tennessee. Rebecca lives in Southern California with her husband, Jeff King.

“MUSE is a fantastic school for the creative and independent thinking child. The teachers developed the students at extraordinary levels which traditional schools could never achieve…”

– Suzy Amis Cameron

Mission & Founding Principles

MUSE School Mission Statement

“Inspiring and Preparing Young People to Live Consciously with Themselves, One Another, and the Planet.”

Learning is alive.

We pursue education fearlessly, knowing that children are naturally “switched-on” when they are learning about something they love. We strive to cultivate and sustain that in-the-moment exuberance.

Interconnections are critical.

Nurturing relationships between self, one another, place, and planet is critical to the MUSE mission. We encourage global stewardship by balancing human and ecological needs; and we collaborate across ages, communities, and cultures.

Sustainability is key.

MUSE is a high-performance learning lab that demonstrates eco-literacy and serves as a beacon of sustainable living and design. We are committed to:

  • Restoring and celebrating nature
  • Serving as a champion of everything green.

MUSE is ever-evolving.

The MUSE community includes creative and critical thinkers who know that flexibility and adaptability are critical keys to our success. We enthusiastically embrace change and consistently challenge ourselves in our ongoing efforts to learn, grow, and improve.


John and Goly Casey


Goly Casey is currently the Owner and Director of a family-owned private preschool in the San Francisco Bay Area whose philosophical approach has been to foster all aspects of early development with an emphasis on whole child wellness. Throughout her career in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Goly has embraced a play-based early learning approach because it allows for an ever-evolving curriculum. Whole child wellness and development is a central theme in her philosophy supported by cooking activities, nutrition programs, organic foods, yoga and physical movement, sensory play, S.T.E.M., gardening and more. As nutrition and best environmental practices are becoming increasingly important for future generations, she feels an obligation to prepare children for the world they will be inheriting as adults. She empowers her students by introducing the concept of organic, healthy, plant forward foods and gardening to have a connection with their environment.

John Casey is currently the Senior Manager for Partner Education and Consumer Engagement at NVIDIA in Santa Clara California. John currently drives the programs that develop brand advocates by connecting them with NVIDIA’s ground-breaking technology through educational content and strategic communication. Before considering a path that involved Early Childhood Education, John spent twenty years in careers that spanned roles in aerial news photography, satellite uplink operations, technical communications, and frontline marketing for news organizations and tech companies in the U.S. John is now using this experience and his commitment to environmental ethics to help create opportunities that inspire people to think critically about the health of the environment, their families, and themselves.